Michigan Misses All The Free Throws, Wins Ugly Against Syracuse Anyway

A wire-to-wire (foul-fest, timeout-filled, commercial-break heavy) battle ended in Jim Boeheim making a number of very Jim Boeheim faces and a relatively easy call for the refs: Jordan Morgan taking a charge from Brandon Triche with 20 seconds left, which, in hindsight, finished off Syracuse. Michigan rode Mitch… » 4/06/13 11:55pm 4/06/13 11:55pm

After An Absolute Rock Fight In The Georgia Dome, Louisville Knocks Off…

Down 12 with 13:15 remaining, Louisville clawed back with defense that changed the game's atmosphere from "celebratory" to "panic attack," and hit just enough shots to surpass a Wichita State team whose game plan gradually fell apart in the final minutes. Of course, the comeback might not be the story of one the best… » 4/06/13 9:08pm 4/06/13 9:08pm

Man Catches Home Run In His Left Hand While Holding Baby With His Right

Our resident videographer is off today, so we'll have to make do with this until more replays pop up, ideally in slow motion and looped for all eternity: Nats. Reds. Bases empty, Werth at bat. Sam LeCure on the mound. Werth swings at the first pitch he sees. Deep right-center. Man. Baby. Ball. No glove, no hesitation. » 4/06/13 5:15pm 4/06/13 5:15pm

Northern Kentucky University Athletic Director Dismissed For Affairs…

More athletic directors in the news! Northern Kentucky University dismissed Scott Eaton, once an athletic administrator at Brown and a member of the NKU department since 1998, for undisclosed reasons in early March. As we learned late yesterday, Eaton was guilty of "inappropriate, intimate relationships with four… » 4/06/13 4:30pm 4/06/13 4:30pm

Wichita State Players Know As Little About Wichita State As You Do

Wichita State: What is it? A university named after a city with a population of less than 400,000—and which isn't even the capital (of Kansas)—Wichita State hasn't enjoyed the surge of interest around the school that accompanied March Madness upstarts like Florida Gulf Coast, or Harvard. Even after the Shockers'… » 4/06/13 12:30pm 4/06/13 12:30pm

Major League Baseball Just Straight Up Sued The Wrong Guy

Major League Baseball, an organization with massive revenues and a squadron of high-priced lawyers, filed against the wrong person—just, flat out, the wrong guy—in its (specious) claim against Biogenesis, forcing the falsely accused Miami-area salesman to retain a lawyer for his defense. This mix-up occurred,… » 4/06/13 11:45am 4/06/13 11:45am

Amar'e Stoudemire Generously Donated 1,000 Grim Reminders Of Human…

Amar'e Stoudemire, himself synonymous with scratched retinas, torn-up knees and uninsurable contracts, was emotionally blackmailed this week by a pushy contractor working for the University of Louisville's marketing department, and subsequently donated $2,500 to that department so it could invest in 1,000 "big heads"… » 4/06/13 11:00am 4/06/13 11:00am